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What we are up to right now!


6th July 2023

Since January 2023 we have been recruiting participants to take part in research conversations with the Asylum team within the Home Office. To date we have delivered 5 research challenges including usability testing of a prototype with asylum applicants from across England.


22nd August 2023

We are currently collaborating with Foolproof to support them to deliver inclusive research for an NHS Project. The aim is to recruit participants to participate in usability testing of GP consultation platforms.

1st August 2023

Since February 2022, we have been collaborating with The Red Earth Collective on their Artist Mental Health Development training. In spring 2023, we ran a consultation to get insights on the training programme which will be launched this autumn.


9th August 2023

We are collaborating with the Digital Inclusion team at the Home Office to develop a framework which will support inclusion thinking across government. In early August, we completed the discovery phase which surfaced insights across a range of barriers. Keep a look out for more updates!

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We privilege impact over turnover. That means we only take on projects and partners committed to delivering impact on the ground. We strive for value, sustainability and equity. Here are some of our collaborations and projects.

Living Well with covid?

Community health literacy and digital enablement project in east London. Reached over 430 people in 6 months supporting the capacity of excluded communities to take control of their health and well being. 

"After attending the How to Live with Covid session, I am now more confident in my ability to manage it." (Male Morocco – Ibrahim Mosque)

"Participation in the community event is important; if you deliver sessions in the mosque, hundreds of people will learn in one go and through this effort you can educate people and achieve your goal". (Muslim Imam – Jamaya Musque)


Can animations tackle digital exclusion?

This project started whilst the team was at NHSx in March 2021 with us facilitating coproduction of the script, animations and translations with communities in Tower Hamlets.

It culminated with a community research project in autumn 2022 evaluating the impact of animations to promote uptake of the NHS app. We also investigated whether spoken word translations in community languages supports uptake. 

In total, we reached over three hundred people across all outreach cycles and 96 people took part in the research. All the participants lived in Tower Hamlets, they were all registered with a GP, all had access to a smart phone and all participants were fluent in either Romanian, Somali or Sylheti/Bangla. 

Findings: Participants liked the animations and were grateful to have spoken-word translations in community languages. People commented that having the translations made them feel like “the NHS cares”. Eight-five percent of people (81) rated the animations as very good. They said they would recommend the animations to family and friends.

Image 09-03-2023 at 12.12.jpeg

People Street Party

We build trust and reciprocity through community development activities such as street parties, health literacy sessions, digital empowerment workshops and training. The People Street party enabled us to promote social cohesion, healthy living as well as giving back to the communities we serve. These activities ensure we continue to be trusted advocates of grassroots communities which enriches all our reserach projects.

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What They’re Saying

"The design team and I found it incredibly helpful to get Shabira's advice on how we make sure we are designing the Connected Care product to be equitable, person-centred and focused on the needs of the individual, particularly as this is a multi-sided proposition for older adults as well as both professional and informal carers."

“This vibrant and informative EDI session has encouraged our students to become critical thinkers and equipped them with a strategic tool to look from different lens. Hopefully giving students the confidence to commit to engage in accessible and inclusive practices, now and within their future roles, giving those with lived experience an authentic voices to shift the balance of power.”

"Our discussion highlighted the need to continue to try and involve harder to reach groups and those with protected characteristics in the design process to make sure the product is both suitable and accepted. I would be keen to keep in touch over the coming weeks and months to support us in accessing these harder to reach communities to make sure our product, product roadmap and general messaging are inclusive."

"Shabira trained the LEAP Core Team on Appreciating Bias followed by a session on Inclusive Design. Her enthusiasm and practical examples brought to life what can be sensitive but essential subject areas for a community based programme. She also met us where we were at, ensuring that the training was both relevant and engaging, providing personal challenges from which we can learn as both individuals and as part of a team. The training has definitely enhanced our understanding of inclusive practices and how we administer them across our programme."

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