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Client feedback


BT- Senior Product Strategy Manager, Future Products

"The design team and I found it incredibly helpful to get Shabira's advice on how we make sure we are designing the Connected Care product to be equitable, person-centred and focused on the needs of the individual, particularly as this is a multi-sided proposition for older adults as well as both professional and informal carers."

"Our discussion highlighted the need to continue to try and involve harder to reach groups and those with protected characteristics in the design process to make sure the product is both suitable and accepted. I would be keen to keep in touch over the coming weeks and months to support us in accessing these harder to reach communities to make sure our product, product roadmap and general messaging are inclusive."

March 2021

Coventry University 

“This vibrant and informative EDI session has encouraged our students to become critical thinkers and equipped them with a strategic tool to look from different lens. Hopefully giving students the confidence to commit to engage in accessible and inclusive practices, now and within their future roles, giving those with lived experience an authentic voices to shift the balance of power.”

May 2021

London School Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

March 2022

"Shabira trained the LEAP Core Team on Appreciating Bias followed by a session on Inclusive Design. Her enthusiasm and practical examples brought to life what can be sensitive but essential subject areas for a community based programme. She also met us where we were at, ensuring that the training was both relevant and engaging, providing personal challenges from which we can learn as both individuals and as part of a team. The training has definitely enhanced our understanding of inclusive practices and how we administer them across our programme."
David Wood- LEAP Programme Manager

August 2021

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