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What We Do

Inclusive. Collaborative. Empowering.

We apply smart solutions to support the digital ecosystem. We support the capacity of the statutory sector to respond meaningfully to everyday challenges in designing and delivering services. 

We are equipped to do this at speed because we simultaneously run agency building community programmes. We focus on building resilience, promoting civic engagement, bridging gaps and sharing knowledge about public services. 

We can help you address a range of challenges so your team can go the extra mile. We are here to ensure you can meet your business objectives in a sustainable, equitable and cost effective way.  

Our Offer:

               Community Research Inclusive and diverse insights from underrepresented, excluded and racialised communities.

Digital Inclusion Drop-in sessions in community spaces to support your residents, patients, service users to access essential digital services. 

Training Building confidence in the communities you serve. We support the capacity of communities to meaningfully take part in public life such join local forums or download public sector apps. 

Community events We build unity by running projects designed to stimulate trust, reciprocity, cohesion and cooperation across boundaries and differences. 

People Panel The panel is a living and breathing network of individuals from diverse walks of life who want to take part in your research, steering groups and forums. We take an intersectional approach, recognising that identity is multi-dimensional.

At People Street, we believe that our solutions will soon become the inclusive engagement gold standard. We’ve only just started, but we already know that every collaboration is enriched by our commitment to impact coupled with a daring attitude. 

What we do: Our Technology

Our Business

We support teams as well as organisations. Our agile community development approach turns your aspirations into real world outputs.

We unite bottom-up and top-down perspectives to enrich decision making with the insight and data maximised to build accessible and inclusive services, pathways and products.

We see the potential of digital to democratise access to information and services. However, we know that many digital services are built in silos, failing to take account of barriers to access. Instead of reducing inequity, we are in danger to perpetuating and creating new inequalities.

With our innovative approach, we strive to enhance the digital landscape by bringing real people into the heart of technological development, service design and quality improvement. There is no longer the excuse of not being able to reach diverse communities. The People Panel is here. 

We often invited to speak at conferences and take part in panel discussions, sharing our practice and inspiring the next generation of thought leaders.

We will continue to work relentlessly to become the inclusion standard, providing living experience, big picture insights and solutions for companies of all sizes who strive to create great products for all.

Get in touch to learn more.

Image by Jon Tyson
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