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What we do

Underpinning all our work is community development. To ensure we are always reaching the edges, the excluded, the racialised and under-heard, we run community projects which builds trust, resilience and agency. This is the heartbeat of People Street.

At People Street, we see inclusivity as an ongoing process. Therefore, our methodology will evolve based on feedback and changing community needs. We regularly reassess and adjust our approach to ensure that the research remains inclusive and respectful of diverse perspectives. We seek permission from participants to listen, capture and disseminate what is shared so that it may benefit them and the wider ecosystem in which they live.

We use creative tools such as participatory appraisal, story-telling and forum theatre. The research methods encourage creative participation and appreciation which is deeply rooted in many communities but is often ignored when researching solely through an Eurocentric lens.

Inclusive Recruitment


Exceeding Expectations

We recruit seldom heard and excluded communities to take part in user research and usability testing.

We don't reach the usual suspects, we reach the voices who experience multiple barriers to access, particularly people who have never taken part in research discussions. 

Inclusive Research


Committed to Quality

We have a team of experienced Researchers who are representative of the communities you serve.

We run research challenges in mother tongue to gather insights to support you at any stage of your project. 

We also run face-to-face usability testing challenges in community settings, offering a wrap-around service that safeguards participants and reserachers.

Advisory Boards & Talks


Sharing Best Practice

We want your projects to be a success, now and into the future. On this basis, we openly share our practice and run workshops to support practice development.

We sit on and help to create boards and people panels to ensure you're building the foundations of sustainable inclusive design.

What we do: Services

Our Business

We support teams as well as organisations. Our agile community development approach turns your aspirations into real world outputs.

We see the potential of digital to democratise access to information and services. However, we know that many digital services are built in silos, failing to take account of barriers to access. Instead of reducing inequity, we are in danger to perpetuating and creating new inequalities.

With our innovative approach, we strive to enhance the digital landscape by bringing real people into the heart of technological development, service design and quality improvement. There is no longer the excuse of not being able to reach diverse communities. The People Street is here. 

We will continue to work relentlessly to become the inclusion standard, providing living experience, big picture insights and solutions for companies of all sizes who strive to create great products for all.

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What we do: Projects


Inclusive Research

Brief: The team were brought into NHSX to act as advisors and collaborators, positively disrupting the landscape that would propagate best practice. We delivered four strands of work, with several research challenges within each strand.

Delivery and Objectives: The community researchers were briefed on the profile and given interview slots and a research overview. They used this to reach out into their community networks to invite people to take part in the research. We were able to support digitally excluded participants as well as participants lacking confidence to speak in English to take part by actively supporting the engagement process. For example, acting as interpreters, arranging telephone calls or taking participants through the video call process. This wrap-around support is a key feature of our inclusive research approach.

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